What do Baby Turtles Eat

Most turtles live off a diet that includes both plants and animals. However, some turtles' eating habits change as they grow from babies to adults. What do baby turtles eat?
One type of turtle that changes its diet as it gets older is the red-eared slider. As babies, red-eared sliders like to eat more meat. Earthworms, crickets and snails are good sources of protein for these baby turtles.
Green sea turtles are another type of turtle that changes its diet when it becomes an adult. When green sea turtles are babies, they eat a combination of plants and animals. As babies, their diet might include squid and crab, but as adults, green sea turtles mainly eat plants.
Baby loggerhead turtles also enjoy eating both plants and animals. These turtles have very strong jaws, which they use to crush hard-shelled sea life such as crabs.
Other turtles have the same diet when they are babies as they do when they become adults.
Baby turtles that are omnivores will eat both plants and animals such as seaweed, leafy plants, or minnows.
Carnivorous baby turtles will only eat meat, including fish, insects and even other turtles. Baby snapping turtles often think that another turtle's tail is a worm. This mistake turns other turtles into a main meal for the little snapper.